About iQuotePics

Islamic Quotes on pictures

iQuotepics is an excellent resource, a place for an increasing amount of islamic quotes on high quality pictures. You'll find beautiful quotes on high resolution beautiful pictures. What a combo! Unlike others, our quote pictures are individually created by hand not a computer algorithm. :-)

This site was launched in 2015 and is continuing to grow, our aim is to collect all the best islamic quotes in one place and create excellent quality pictures with it, so you can download it without hassle.

Every quote is freely available to use for Whatsapp, Telegram profile pictures. They're even big enough to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media sites right from the quote page itself.

Soon we'll be adding the ability for you to submit quotes and create your own picture quotes directly from our website. We'll also add the ability for you to compile your quotes and read and share any time you want.

In the meantime keep sharing the pictures and spread the word.